Case Studies

Ministry of Defense

On Board retube of 9,700 off Seamless Cupro Nickel tubes in accordance to BS2871 Part 3 CN102 5/8 O.D. x 18 swg.

Enquiry received Christmas eve, our product knowledge & experience in material sourcing meant we were able to locate tube material in United States and Airfreight into the UK.

The complete retube was done by 28th January.




Exxon Mobil

QE-54 critical path exchanger went down and with no spare, production was hit hard resulting in massive down time costs.

From order we manufactured a complete replacement bundle comprising of 1490 seamless carbon steel tubes 3/4 O.D x 14 swg x 6096mm long hydro tested & delivered to site within 21 days. Saving Exxon weeks of downtime.

The old bundle was retubed c/w new baffle cage and fitted to a complete replacement shell, floating head, channel & channel cover assembly TEMA type AJS.


Total Fina Elf

Critical Path exchangers U-tube type with double tube sheets, manufactured in Alloy 400 weeks ahead of any of our competitors. Materials were Air freighted into the UK from United States. Our material sourcing proved we could complete the exchangers before any of our competitors would have even received materials.



Lindsey Oil Refinery

We were awarded exchanger retubes by two major contractors during LOR shutdown. Under normal circumstances one exchanger specialist would not be awarded two areas at once thro' fear of overloading and associated problems. We carried out its retubing, further remedial work and replacement tube sheets to 13 bundles in a two week period. To the best of our knowledge, we were the only contractor to finish their scope on-time. Many of our units we completed ahead of schedule, further relieving pressures on our client.

Phillips Petroleum

12 off complete banks of 30ft fin fan exchangers were retubed on-site for Phillips during their Summer outage, comprising approx 1300 tubes. The work was completed ahead of schedule.





2-off fin fan exchanger banks were retubed on-site within a 10 day period, this included scaffold, craneage, removal of louvres + cross bracing, new soft iron washers + header plugs and tube supports, 100% hole + expansion checks, low pressure air test and final field hydrotest, re-fitting of louvres, motors and re-alignment of impeller blades. Again the work was carried out on an urgent basis with time being of the essence. Again we completed the contract ahead of schedule.